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LiquiMedLock™ Demo Videos

Learn more about LiquiMedLock™ CR/TE methadone bottles, our methadone bottle capper, LiquiCapture™ urine collection cups, and our ClickDose™ oral syringes.

How to Use Semi-Automated Capper for Methadone Bottles

How to Use Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Methadone Bottles

Methadone Bottles

How to Use LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cups

ClickDose Oral Syringe


LiquiMedLock™ products have been exclusively designed for liquid storage. We specialize in child resistant, tamper evident packaging solutions for methadone and urine collection devices. We also offer secure storage solutions compatible with LiquiMedLock™ methadone bottles.


All LiquiMedLock™ products are carefully designed to comply with Health Canada and FDA packaging regulations for food, drugs, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. We take public health and safety very seriously and have designed our products to support harm reduction for addiction treatment programs.

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