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Square Methadone Bottles

Methadone Bottles

LiquiMedLock™ square methadone bottles have unique one-step click-lock closure systems that include both a child resistant feature and a tamper evident band. In line with our harm reduction efforts, our unique one-step closure system provides an effective tamper evident feature to help establish a clear chain of custody. This is especially important for addiction treatment programs that offer take-home methadone bottles.

All methadone bottles are compliant with Health Canada and FDA regulations for safe pharmaceutical packaging and have the following features:

  • Child resistant

  • Tamper evident

  • High density PET plastic

  • BPA free plastic

  • Leak resistant

  • Shatterproof

  • Square shape for easy grip

  • Space efficient packing

To bolster the security of methadone products during transport, check out our secure lock boxes. Compatible with 60ml and 100ml square methadone bottles.

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