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Pre-Rolled Cones

Roboroots is a market leading manufacturing company in North America. Using proprietary automated technology, Roboroots manufactures both custom and unbranded pre-rolled cones. This technology ensures the delivery of reliable quality and lead times at competitive prices.

All products can be customized to meet your brand and product needs. Contact us to customize your packaging.


  • Additional paper and filter sizes are available upon request.

Filter Sizes

  • 15mm

  • 21mm

  • 26mm

  • 30mm

Roll Styles

  • Hand Rolled

  • Machine Rolled

Paper Size 

  • 73mm

  • 84mm

  • 98mm

  • 109mm


  • Classic - Wide Tip

  • Reefer - Narrow Tip

Fill Capacity

  • 0.3g

  • 0.5g

  • 0.8g

  • 1g