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Social Responsibility

Learn about the social responsibility initiatives we are currently undertaking.

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Proud Sponsor of Cannabis for Children International

Cannabis for Children International is an international non-profit dedicated to opening up the conversation about medical cannabis use, especially as it pertains to children.


Founded by Alissa Lee, this outstanding organization is working to make the world a better place by educating the public on safe cannabis use to treat a variety of ailments. 


Through empirically supported evidence and establishing open relationships with organizations involved in the cannabis industry, Cannabis for Children takes a holistic approach to resolving some of society's most significant barriers to communication.

Visit the official Cannabis for Children website to learn more about the organization and how you can get involved.

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As a company, and as fellow human beings, we are deeply concerned about the current state of our environment. Given the industry we are in, we understand the challenges faced by both packaging suppliers and licensed producers looking for sustainable packaging solutions


We currently offer several options for sustainable cannabis packaging. Our portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions is constantly expanding and evolving. As greater research goes into sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, MedLock™ will continue to add new sustainable products to our portfolio.

All recyclable and compostable MedLock™ products have been independently tested and certified to comply with the following regulations:

  • DIN 6120-1992 standard for assessing the recyclability of a product.

  • DIN EN13432 standard for assessing the compostability of a product.

  • ASTM D6400 standard for assessing the compostability of a product.

MedLock™ is constantly engaging in new manufacturing practices, undergoing new certifications, and staying current with sustainability research to ensure constant progression towards carbon neutralization. By the end of summer 2022, we will be ISO 14001 certified. Click here to learn more about ISO 14001.

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Harm Reduction

MedLock was established to provide compliant, child resistant, tamper evident packaging solutions to support harm reduction programs that involve psychoactive chemicals. This is especially true of addiction treatment programs that involve administering highly regulated drugs, like methadone.

Harm reduction programs are aimed at providing an individual the treatment they need in a safe and secure manner. It also means keeping others safe through the use of packaging features like child resistant, tamper evident caps and closures.

As experts in compliance packaging and harm reduction, we continue to educate ourselves as new products are introduced to the market. For example, the introduction of cannabis beverages has left many people with questions about how to safely consume these products. At MedLock, we strive to support the cannabis industry by sharing our knowledge with others. Our blog is one way we do this. Click here to learn more about safe cannabis beverage consumption.

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the Osgood certificate in cannabis law and regulation

Laws & Regulations

We take public health, safety, and law very seriously. As a team, we are constantly looking into new ways to keep ourselves educated in order to provide our clients with the safest packaging solutions as possible. Activities that can help us to further our harm reduction program are very important to us.

In Canada, the laws and regulations surrounding cannabis use and compliant cannabis packaging are quite stringent. We therefore make it a priority that we are familiar with Health Canada's cannabis policies through the Cannabis Act.


We would like to congratulate our Chief Operating Officer, Jenny Luong Hassing, for completing The Osgood Certificate in Cannabis Law and Regulation. We are proud of her achievement and for setting a strong example of what MedLock is all about.

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