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Compliant Packaging Solutions

Leading Packaging Supplier for Cannabis & Pharmaceuticals

CannaLock Compliant Cannabis Packaging

Compliant Cannabis Packaging

LiquiMedLock Compliant Pharmaceutical Packaging

Compliant Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Sustainable has never been this simple.

Compliant Pharmaceutical and Cannabis Packaging

About Us


MedLock™ is a leading supplier of compliant cannabis packaging and pharmaceutical packaging solutions. We guarantee to provide you with quality products that have been rigorously tested for compliance, health, and safety. We strongly believe in contributing to harm reduction programs by providing ready-to-use regulatory compliant packaging. If you're looking for safe packaging, we have a range of child resistant packaging options as well as tamper evident packaging. We offer unparalleled customer service to ensure 100% satisfaction with all our packaging solutions.

Our LiquiMedLock™ product line offers child resistant and tamper evident methadone bottles. Our unique closures ensure safe product use for those in addiction treatment programs. We also offer secure methadone lock boxes and mini padlocks as well as urine collection cups and vacuum collection tubes.

Our CannaLock™ product line offers compliant child resistant cannabis packaging for a wide range of cannabis products. We work with our clients to provide custom solutions to meet their individual brand and product needs.

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