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Our Story

Estalished in 2012, MedLock™ has quickly grown to become an industry leader in regulatory compliant packaging solutions. We love to share our passion for what we do. What's your story?


Compliant Packaging Solutions

MedLock™ is a world-leading supplier of compliant packaging for the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. Our roots are strongly grounded in creating products to support harm reduction programs within the substance addiction treatment space. While we understood the importance of medication-assisted treatments, like methadone programs, we also recognized the challenges faced by medical facilities and dispensing pharmacies offering these treatments. 

Controlled substances, like methadone, require that a clear chain of custody is established with regards to ownership of the controlled substance. This means integrating effective tamper evident features into the packaging, while simultaneously ensuring bottle closures are child resistant to further ensure public health and safety. Not only are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers responsible for manually filling methadone prescriptions, but they also have to take additional steps to ensure bottle caps are secure, tamper evident, and child resistant. 

To effectively address these challenges, we worked closely with leading experts within the field of addiction treatment to better understand Health Canada's strict regulations to create the ideal compliant packaging for methadone. This meant developing medical and pharmaceutical packaging that complied with Health Canada and FDA packaging regulations for food, drugs, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Our goal has been to provide packaging for methadone-assisted treatment programs that had already been tested and certified for compliance. By doing this, we could alleviate some of the stress and responsibilities faced by treatment providers in such an important field.

Our dive into compliant methadone packaging provided us with new insights into the operational deficiencies that created bottle necks and redundancies during the packaging process. This encouraged us to allocate more time, effort, and resources to design highly specialized packaging products. Not only are MedLock™ products designed to comply with the required regulatory standards set out by governing legislations, like Health Canada and the FDA, but they are also meant to be easy to implement at the operational level. Overall, this has allowed us to save our customers both time and money during the fill process.

Throughout our evolution as an organization, public health and safety has always been the guiding principle of our business operations. This allowed us to gradually branch into other industries in which compliant packaging was a major necessity. Intuitively, cannabis was our next step.

Compliant Pharmaceutical Packaging

LiquiMedLock™ was developed specifically for liquid products. This includes both methadone and urine collection. methadone bottles and closures are part of our leading "best practice" program to ensure methadone prescriptions are filled and delivered quickly, efficiently, and safely from the time the prescription is filled, to instances in which take-home prescriptions is approved.


Our focus on establishing a clear chain of custody, enhancing pharmacy and production efficiencies, and providing retail-ready compliant packaging solutions allowed us to effectively develop what has now become the recommended compliant methadone bottle of choice within North America. Our line of methadone bottles was the first product to be offered by our compliant pharmaceutical packaging division, LiquiMedLock™. From here, we added a line of secure methadone lock boxes for the safe storage and transport of our methadone bottles.

To further support facilities involved in addiction treatment, we developed packaging solutions for specimen collection. Our collection cups and tubes were designed to be leak-resistant, shatterproof, and tamper-evident to prevent the contamination of urine samples during transport and testing. The unique, patented design of our signature LiquiCapture™ Cups saves time and promotes further standardization of the specimen collection process.


Specifically, the inclusion of a slotted dip chamber and vacuum collection port significantly reduces procedural error, minimizes sample exposure, and therefore greatly reduces potential specimen contamination during transport and testing. Overall, our LiquiCapture™ Cups save time and money as well as producing greater accuracy in testing results thereby improving the confidence of both patients and practitioners. 

Compliant Cannabis Packaging

Our breadth of experience and product offerings has strategically aligned us with current market demands. As we have become firmly entrenched within the industry, we now work with key licensed producers and processors as an expert packaging consultant and supply chain partner. As CannaLock™ grows, we continue to offer more compliant cannabis packaging solutions to Licensed Producers across Canada and the USA. CannaLock’s™ mission is to help cannabis brands navigate through the evolving regulations surrounding packaging and dosing compliance.

With Health Canada’s introduction of the Cannabis Act, our expertise in regulatory compliance and public safety offered us an opportunity to expand into this marketplace. Through our extensive understanding of Health Canada’s strict packaging regulations, our unique packaging solutions, and our experience with hand fill production processes, we were able to offer simple, yet efficient, products for licensed cannabis producers and growers of all sizes. Whether you are a large company with a specialized factory and automated machinery, or a start-up with a small hand-fill operation, we can get your products promptly packaged and ready for purchase.

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