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CannaLock Compliant Cannabis Packaging

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Child resistant certified pop-top packaging for cannabis in custom colours
Gold child resistant certified pop-top tubes for cannabis pre-rolls, edibles, capsules, blunts, and more

Packaging that POPS.

Child Resistant | 100% Recyclable

Give your pop-top packaging a pop of colour with our fully customizable, child resistant certified pop-top tubes and jars. 


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Three 60DR child resistant certified pop-top jars for cannabis products in custom colours
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Contact us to get started on custom compliant cannabis packaging for your needs.


CannaLock offers quality government approved, compliant cannabis packaging for a range of cannabis products. We specialize in child resistant cannabis packaging and tamper evident cannabis packaging for all formats, including dry flower packaging, pre-roll packaging, packaging for extracts and oils, packaging for edibles, packaging for capsules, packaging for topicals, beverage packaging, and more. All child resistant caps and closures are independently tested and certified. CannaLock cannabis packaging products are carefully designed to comply with Canadian Cannabis Act, FDA, and European standards and regulations for safe cannabis packaging. 


Q: Are all your cannabis packaging products child resistant? A: All CannaLock™ Compliant Cannabis Packaging solutions are tested and certified child resistant. We provide our customers with all official compliance documentation for every cannabis packaging product we offer. We are happy to share compliance information with you should you be interested in any of our cannabis packaging products. Q: Why is there no pricing included for your cannabis packaging products? A: Because our cannabis packaging is customizable, each order can look very different. Prices for our cannabis packaging vary depending on the size of the cannabis packaging product, desired colour, quantity, and other factors. Please contact us (phone, email, website) to get pricing and quotes for our cannabis packaging. We respond quite quickly and are happy to help. Q: Why can't I order cannabis packaging directly from your website? A: Again, because our cannabis packaging is customizable, you must speak to a member of our sales team to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. If your brand has a signature colour, we would need to know the exact colour code to ensure the cannabis packaging you are receiving meets your expectations. We are happy to send samples of our cannabis packaging. Q: Is your cannabis packaging sustainable?  A: While not all CannaLock cannabis packaging solutions are sustainable, we have a growing portfolio of sustainable cannabis packaging solutions. Currently, we have sustainable packaging for pre-rolls, dried flower, vape pens, vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, vape kits, edibles, and capsules. Please know, we are passionate about working towards carbon neutralization when it comes to our products and manufacturing process. CannaLock will continue to add new sustainable cannabis packaging solutions, so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for news products, updates, and more.

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