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How to Find a Compliant Packaging Supplier for Cannabis and Pharmaceuticals: Choose MedLock

MedLock | January 2021
A group shot of various types of compliant packaging products like jars, bottles, cups, tubes, oral syringes, and more
MedLock is a leading supplier of compliance packaging solutions. Our cannabis division, CannaLock™, offers a range of compliant, child resistant cannabis packaging solutions. Our pharmaceutical or medical division, LiquiMedLock™, offers specialized compliant, child resistant, tamper evident packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and other compliant medical packaging.

What is Compliance Packaging?

If you are in the cannabis or pharmaceutical industry, you have likely heard the term "compliance packaging". But what does it mean and how do you find a reliable and legitimate compliance packaging supplier?

Who Establishes Compliance Packaging Regulations?

In Canada, cannabis packaging and pharmaceutical packaging must comply with regulations set forth by Health Canada. Cannabis packaging must adhere to the strict rules outlined in the Canadian Cannabis Act. In the United States, the governing body for compliant cannabis and pharmaceutical packaging regulations is the FDA as well as state-specific guidelines for cannabis packaging.

What Are the Requirements for Compliance?

A child resistant closure is the key requirement for both compliant cannabis packaging and compliant pharmaceutical packaging. However, unlike cannabis packaging, pharmaceutical packaging must also have tamper evident closures.

In Canada, cannabis packaging must also meet a host of other stringent requirements for compliance. The main requirement is that packaging refrains from appealing to youth. This means no bright colours, limited branding, and opaque packaging. Like pharmaceuticals, compliant cannabis packaging must also provide the consumer with information about ingredients, proper product use, proper product storage, lot/batch number, expiration dates, safety symbols, name of the LP, and any health warnings associated with the product.

Unlike compliant pharmaceutical packaging, compliant cannabis packaging cannot contain any additional inserts within the closed packaging. This contrasts with pharmaceutical packaging, which typically always contains an additional insert with product information.

How to Find a Reliable Compliance Packaging Supplier

When looking to find a trusted compliance packaging supplier, there are a few key factors to consider.


Reputable suppliers of compliant cannabis and pharmaceutical packaging must hold valid licenses and certifications for manufacturing facilities as well as the actual products. This is to ensure all business operations and products are clean, safe, and fully compliant. If you're unsure, ask the company to supply you with proof of licensing. A refusal to do so is a huge red flag.

Child Resistant Packaging

For both cannabis and pharmaceuticals, caps and closures must be child resistant (CR). If a packaging product has a child resistant closure, this means the package has been rigorously tested in an official lab facility with children ages five and under. No child must be able to open the package.

If you are unsure about a company, ask the supplier to provide you with CR certification documents. Again, if the company refuses, take that as a red flag and choose a different supplier. MedLock always supplies customers with all CR certificates for all cannabis packaging and pharmaceutical packaging.

Tamper Evident Packaging

Unlike cannabis packaging, pharmaceutical packaging must also be tamper evident to help track chain of custody. It is important to ensure products have not been tampered with and are therefore safe for consumption. Compliant cannabis packaging suppliers that offer packaging that is both tamper evident and child resistant are likely to have greater expertise in compliance packaging.


While sustainability is not mandatory for compliance, it does signify a lot about a company. If the company has facilities that are ISO 14001 certified, it shows the company cares about the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. Companies that offer environmentally friendly packaging options with the appropriate supporting documents are also likely to have a strong sense of social responsibility.

Looking for a Trusted Compliance Packaging Supplier?

MedLock is a leading supplier of Health Canada and FDA-approved compliant packaging solutions for cannabis and pharmaceuticals. Our CannaLock™ division provides tested and certified child resistant cannabis packaging for dry flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, edibles, concentrates, oils, extracts, tinctures, topicals, and capsules. Our LiquiMedLock™ division serves the pharmaceutical and medical industry with child resistant, tamper evident methadone bottles, unique urine collections cups, and more.

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